It's About Time

Out of Time is based on a screenplay about some wicked smart teens building Leonardo da Vinci's version of a time machine for the school science fair using modern technology that old Leo could only dream of: GPS activation of a secret code based on relativity and enabled by everything from Legobots to curling irons to solar electrical panels for activation jerry-rigged into an iPad. With some gummy worms and energy bars thrown into the travel pack for a snack on the 500 year ride back to Renaissance Florence.

The result is a flight of fancy from childhood—out of time. Literally.

Charley Morton, is a 13-year old middle school girl and self-styled Renaissance genius, à la Leonardo, her Florentine Idol. Charley and her friends have emerged telling a story of their own, and tweeting out loud. (Teenagers!) Much as Dickens and other authors of his day serialized their stories in London newspapers, and soap operas became daily "stories" for millions of fans—Twitter is shaping up as the modern medium for serial storytelling with a potential worldwide audience tweeting suggestions and advances to influence the outcome.

Calling All Tweeps