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June 26, 2014
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Time Travel Novel Out of Time Shows Strong Finish in Publishing Competition

Out of Time was chosen as second runner-up in the 2014 When Words Count Retreat Pitch Week Publishing Trifecta. Out of Time, by author Robin Stevens Payes
Rockville, Md. – After months of last-minute preparation—finalizing the manuscript, putting together a marketing plan and creating cover designs to submit to three distinguished judges in the publishing industry—Out of Time was chosen as second runner-up in the 2014 When Words Count Retreat Pitch Week Publishing Trifecta.

Out of Time, by author Robin Stevens Payes, was one of six finalists selected out of 100 submissions for Pitch Week II, sponsored by When Words Count Retreat for the publishing competition. Initially, however, her novel was designated an alternate for Pitch Week III. When several finalists dropped out of Pitch Week II, Payes's work was put on a fast track to finish writing in time for the June competition.

The six finalists were competing in a variety of genres, including, women's lyrical fiction, memoir, children's, suspense/thriller, and young adult fantasy. Out of Time competed in the category of tween/young teen science fiction.

Judges from independent publishing company Select Books, the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, both of New York City, and Meryl Moss Public Relations, of Westport, Conn., evaluated submissions based on six criteria: manuscript, marketing, packaging, presentation, public reading, and personal interview. The judging then took place live at the WWCR Vermont retreat during the week of June 14–21.

"Robin Payes is a gifted storyteller, a smart marketer and an extraordinary competitor. Watch for Out Of Time; it will hit hard and keep on running," said Steven C. Eisner, Pitch Week overseer and WWCR CEO.

In reflecting on her third-place win, Payes said, "It was a race to the finish. Loved the entire experience from start-to-finish, and I am thrilled at the outcome. I consider this a personal best."

About Out of Time
Out of Time is a teen time travel adventure novel that takes STEM smart teen girl and Leonardo da Vinci-wannabe Charley Morton and her posse on a wild chase through history to meet her Renaissance idol, Leonardo da Vinci. To master time and prove herself a modern-day Renaissance girl, Charley adapts modern technology to travel to 1492 Florence, where her iPad, an "illuminated slate," reveals magic powers. Hunted for witchcraft, she must either divulge secrets that will change history or be burned for heresy and, worse, miss winning her school science fair.

About Out of Time Media
This transmedia, interactive storytelling adventure—unfolding in film, book, Web and social media—is designed to take learning to a new level of resonance by allowing teens to engage through the eyes of strong and compelling characters: a feisty, modern teenaged girl, Charley Morton; and the mysterious, talented and mesmerizing Leonardo of history. Out of Time Media brings them together in one online place (, where flipped learning, social learning and storytelling invites learning beyond STEM, and STEAM (including arts integration) to a new level of broad MASTERY.

Math + Arts + Sciences + Technology + Engineering + Reflective Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) X Storytelling Yarns = MASTERY

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